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When a tree on your property threatens to fall often there is no other solution but to have it removed. Damaged trees can often be exceptionally hazardous to other plant life, wild life, structures, and humans. We offer our years of experience servicing the Sunnyvale, CA area in all forms of tree services, not the least of which is our extreme attention to the surgical removal of at-risk trees on commercial and residential properties. Our arboreal pros use the best forestry protocols to remove an at-risk tree once we have determined that there is no other option. We provide immediate consultations and will remove the tree quickly and efficiently so that no damages can ensue.

Sunnyvale Tree Service’s Competitive Hazardous Tree Removal Rates

We pride ourselves on our sensitivity to your budget and will not remove a tree unless we see that there is not other recourse. Call us today to receive your complimentary, transparent, and obligation-free hazardous tree removal estimate. We can be reached at (408) 462-6522, or send an email to: or you can reach us by filling out the contact form on the right side of this page.

Our tree service team works throughout the greater Sunnyvale area, such as Santa Clara County – San Mateo County – Stanislaus County. Some of our cities include: Sunnyvale – Campbell – Los Altos – Los Gatos – Menlo ParkModesto – Mountain View – Pacifica – Palo Alto

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